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Our Story


With nuances particular to each bean, every cup of coffee has a unique story. As you savor your most-loved morning brew, you’ll enjoy it all the more when you know there’s a compelling story behind the aromas and flavors…

That’s especially true for every bag of coffee purchased from Charitable Grounds. We know the 2,000-plus mile journey of each and every pristine bean. We’ve walked the lush, bountiful coffee farm high in the Costa Rican Mountains where our coffee is produced. Shaded by fruit trees and tended to by the skillful craftsmanship of Marcos Oviedo, we know the very farm where the Oviedo brothers work tirelessly to preserve their coffee’s full flavor potential.

At Charitable Grounds, this is where our story begins. Thankfully, what makes us most proud is — this is not where our story ends.

At the end of 2016, we made a new partnership with some old friends. We are now

Love and Be Loved


Taste The Good.


Charitable Grounds makes possible the sale of direct trade coffee, straight from the Oviedo farm, to your home, office, church or organization. We then take a portion of every sale and re-invest it in the spread of the Gospel and the elimination of poverty in Costa Rica.

Using the fruit of one man’s labor, we fund the passion of another, and accomplish the vision of both.

It’s why we like to say, at Charitable Grounds, you’ll
“taste the good.”

Using the fruit of one man’s labor, we fund the passion of another, and accomplish the vision of both.


Why Direct_0001

Why Direct Trade?

Direct trade builds a relationship where respect, pride in the product and sustainability are paramount. It involves building trust, communicating pricing needs and focusing on quality. In short, it takes us beyond a commodity perspective and placesvalue on all persons
and processes involved.

There’s something extra special about the transparent exchange of a direct trade relationship. We know the producer. He knows us. We know his standards and environmental practices. And, he knows our expectations.

For Marcos and his family, direct trade means he will get 2.3 times (230%) more money for his coffee beans than if he were selling to a national specialty coffee chain such as Starbucks — enabling him to better compensate his workers, invest in environmentally-friendly ways to sustain and improve his coffee, and give back to his church and community.

Why Give 10_0001

Why Give Back?

Why do we give a portion of every sale to missions in Costa Rica? We believe in the power of the Gospel and the work of our mission partners to transform lives for the better — now and forever. See for yourself by going on a trip with Strong Missions!

While we’re as passionate about great coffee, we’re more passionate about the Gospel.

We care about the farmer/producer, his family, and those he employs. We care about the plight of the impoverished children. And, most importantly, we care about the spread of the Gospel in Costa Rica.

At Charitable Grounds, we hope our Gospel-minded strategy gives us our own “flavor,” so to speak — a flavor so rich, and robust, that you can
“taste the good.”

When you purchase from Charitable
Grounds, your purchase is twice as good
for the producer, twice as good for Costa Rica,
and twice as good for the future of
great coffee.


How did the idea of Charitable Grounds come about?

Charitable Grounds became an idea in the heart of our founder, after a successful response selling Sircof coffee to raise funds for a 2013 mission trip. It was after talking with Charlie Strong and Marcos Oviedo that we learned that the sale of coffee to fund mission work, was something both men desired — long before the concept of Charitable Grounds was birthed.


The Lord, in His sovereign timing, was bringing the right people together to accomplish His purposes.

How can we help promote Charitable Grounds coffee?

Share a cup of coffee with a friend and tell them what you know about Charitable Grounds and our Gospel-minded strategy of distributing extraordinarily flavorful coffee while directly funding mission work in Costa Rica. We’d love for you to talk to your church group about our coffee, or even your favorite local coffee house!

Can we purchase a monthly subscription?

A subscription is the best for everyone. You get coffee conveniently delivered to your door (no need to remember to re-order). We get a steady customer relationship. And, the Costa Rican mission work benefits year-round.


We’d like to suggest that a “gift subscription” for a coffee-aficionado in your life would be a great gift of “blessing” to everyone!

What if we don’t have a grinder? Do you have recommendations?

We suggest you make make the investment in a quality grinder to enjoy the very best coffee experience. If that’s not financially viable right now, then take your bag to a grocery store where you shop regularly and go to the coffee aisle. They often have a grinder there for your convenience. It’s not ideal to grind in large batches, but so be it!

Where is the coffee roasted?

The Oviedo family roasts all Sircof coffee right there on the farm. It’s straight from the Oviedo farm to your family.

How can we become involved with Strong Missions?

We’re glad you asked! Visit to find out more about giving directly and/or taking a trip there! Charlie Strong would be glad to have you!

Is Charitable Grounds limited to Costa Rica? Are you planning to expand to other countries and ministries?

There’s great coffee and great ministry opportunities all over the world. It’s our hope to one day source from and support coffee-growing communities in the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and beyond. At Charitable Grounds, we’re committed to the idea of utilizing the coffee of a community and benefiting everyone involved — the coffee producer, the coffee laborers, the community, and coffee-lovers, like you! What’s best? Together, we’re advancing the Gospel, every step of the way.

Is direct trade different from fair trade?

Yes. Direct trade means there is a one-to-one relationship where the farmer/producer (seller) knows the buyer (retailer). In direct trade, the farmer/producer has the privilege of negotiating his own pricing. And, the buyer has the opportunity to observe and guarantee quality. Fair trade doesn’t provide the advantages of a close, direct-trade relationship. Unfortunately, in a fair trade relationship, the farmer/producer receives far less (usually a set premium above the commodity value of coffee, which fluctuates daily) for his craft.

How do I change my account information (cancel subscription, change of address, etc.)?

From any page, go to the menu ribbon at the top of the page and click on the “SHOP” for a drop-down list. Hover with your mouse down to “My Account” and click! Login and change whatever aspect needed.

What is Love and Be Loved?

Chris, Charitable Grounds founder, formed a new partnership with Matt, Pam, and Dakota at Love and Be Loved. We merged our small businesses to form a bigger and better team to continue our vision together. Learn more at Love and Be Loved.”